lecture/performance of Dijana Milošević

“25 Glasses of Wine” unites its audience with Dah Theatre director, Dijana Milošević, as she curates stories from her group’s 25 year history. Her memories range from the present, back to a time when her society lacked the vocabulary to resist bigotry and nationalism. Dah’s theatre of the personal became political by confronting the official reorganization of life to fit narratives of fear and hatred. The accomplishment of the company was creation of a community around the vocabulary of lived resistance. Milošević’s shared experiences—embodied, keenly observant, and compassionate—emphasize humanity, and illuminate the senselessness of the past and today. The work explores issues faced by theatre-makers in global contexts, with particular focus on storytelling and narrative as a healing medium for past traumas. This lecture/performance aims to uncover and articulate how theatre and drama may be used as an instrument of social and political change and make connections between art workers and other actors in peacebuilding processes. The work presents the way of teaching politics through art, walking on the borderline between different fields: theatre and drama, politics, history, art and dramatherapy, playing with the idea of the articulate performer and the scholar who performs.