The Ballet Company Ballo, Podgorica (SCG)
Tuesday, 28th June 2005
The Novi Sad Theatre, 20:00

Accompaniment and production: Olga Žulović
Choreography, libretto and choice of music: Tamara Vujošević–Mandić & Slavka Nelević
Dancers: Tamara Vujošević–Mandić, Slavka Nelević, Ivanka Petričević, Nina Braletić, Julija Milačić, Sanja Vujović, Ivana Drakić
Lights: Vlado Lalović
Sound: Pero Bogojević
The Ballet Company Ballo is an NGO whose goals are the development and affirmation of ballet in Montenegro, and is the only troupe in our country engaged in artistic dance expressed through stage performance. There are not enough dancers for the needs of all the theatres in Montenegro so our members and choreographers take part in their projects. In the five years of our existence we have done:
- the dance play Forgiveness for Blood (2002), in cooperation with the DODEST   theatre, which participated at the prestigious festival in Edinburgh;
- two ballet concerts (2003, 2004) in celebration of the World Day of Dance in   Montenegro;
- the play Requiem for the DODEST Theatre (2004)
- the dance play Perhaps in a Café (2005)
- the television show Ballo, which received an award at the International    Festival in Nis.
Perhaps in a Café is a one-act play dealing with the problem of interpersonal communication, primarily between men and women. We tried to present our research on the delicacy of the male-female relationship in a flowing, charming female way. Our attitude towards this issue and the message of this show can be found in Rilke’s verses: love could happen to us still, which present a kind of libretto for this ballet. Even though there are only female dancers in the company (understandable keeping Montenegrin mentality in mind!), the play isn’t influenced by feminist ideas. On the contrary, the messages it sends are about universal, moral, human values that have passed the test of time.

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