Bängditos Theatre (Germany)
Monday, 4th July 2005
Liberty Square, 22:00

Author: Bängditos Theatre
Art Director: Michel Froehly
Cast: Tom Lanzki, Nailor Holmsten Calin, Olivier Capelier
Bängditos Theatre (formerly Scharlaten allee) is a highly experienced theatre company specialising in pyrotechnic shows. They have toured Europe with their startling performances of totally controlled chaos.

Bängditos, that’s theatre that unrolls explosively amongst the audience, viewpoints are turned upside down and public rules and order are suspended. Grotesque comedy, pyrotechnical sensations and always new flaming improvisations for spectacular shows.

We have been working in these artistic formation since 5 years. Before the Bängditos formation, the actors had worked for another big street theatre group in Germany. Finally for 10 years we have been creating and performing street theatre spectacles.
The Guardian Angels: This is an exercise. This is a catastrophe. Firemen that love fire, and when there’s none around they start one. In doing so, they stumble over different languages, complicated hierarchies and what gets bad, gets worse. With nerve-shattering explosions, that more than satisfy the onlookers’ thrill-seeking urge. The Guardian Angels play with fire as well as with the bewilderment of their audience and really get under your skin. Even under your goose-bumps.

Whether pyrotechnic display or fountains of water from the fire engine: they are modern adventurers who present a spectacular and insistent playing with fire.

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