Bojana Mladenović, Dušan Murić& the Duško Radović Little Theatre, Beograd (SCG)
Wednesday, 29th June 2005
CCNS, Main Hall, 22:00

Authors: Bojana Mladenović, Dušan Murić
Dancers: Rosana Hribar, Aleksandra Janeva, Willy Prager, Isidora Stanišić, Sanja Vinković, Dragana Bulut, Bojana Mladenović, Dušan Murić
Live music: Unexpected Force That Shows Up Suddenly and Solves the Matter
Lights: Vladimir Živanović, Paun Pavlović, Radovan Samolov
Sound: Miroslav Balać
When in our midst somebody starts a theatrical-dance project and it continues successfully, this undoubtedly sounds encouraging. For this reason the accomplished intentions of Step Forward project’s authors Bojana Mladenović and Dušan Murić should be saluted. They started this long lasting project in the field of modern dance and performing arts at Belef in the summer of 2003 with their play Island. They developed it further and prepared this new international collaboration in which Europe is a proposition, and the Balkans a predisposition. Putting together a group of very good performers-dancers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Holland and Serbia and Montenegro, they achieved an exchange of dance energy that made the expected step forward
The foundation of all dramatically well produced scenes, backed by the Unexpected Force That Shows Up Suddenly and Solves the Matter, the powerful and very stimulating live music of this band, is actually a dance movement much more than verbal expression, which in a way burdened Island. Knowing that mutual communication is the basic framework of the project Next Step, it is carried out in a choreographically fluent language designed to oppose differences and search for similarities between the performers/individuals. On the other hand the basic theme of the show, a consumer’s dance originating from the characteristics of a consumer society, is delivered with receptive humour, as well as stylistic variety, which in its multiplicity belongs to the present time.

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