cabula6 (USA)
Monday, 27th June 2005
SNT, Chamber Stage, 20:00
Written by Jeremy Xido & cabula6
Cast: Jeremy Xido, Jim Barnard, Ignasi Coromina
Founded in 2000 with its production of The Love Project, cabula6 is an international performance company based in Europe and the United States. We come from Catalonia, USA, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Japan and England. We come from various performance backgrounds including contemporary dance, theatre, fine arts, journalism, music, Olympic gymnastics and film. It has been our goal to create a malleable structure - with performance and theatrical expression at its core - that allows us to ask the questions we think are important about ourselves and the worlds we live in. Our work ranges from stage pieces, to site-specific works, to films, to projects of social intervention.

We are interested in hybrid forms. Tricks of perception. Use of our imagination and expressive possibilities of the body. We are interested in the nature of the spaces in which we perform and the relationship between intimate experiences of self and how they relate to group experiences of self. We search for involved forms of audience collusion that give a sense of renewed agency to both us as creators and performers as well as the audience as participants. And we try to continually ask ourselves: How do we engage with the world? How do reality and fiction interpenetrate one another? Where does our power lie and at which points are we at the mercy of forces greater than our own wills?

Going out from the belief that ours is an age of radical fragmentation, we see our pieces as balancing acts between responsive shape-shifting, on the one hand, and efforts to consolidate on the other. Working primarily by means of investigation and improvisation, we generate fresh material that is then polished and manipulated and formed into original texts. We experiment with spaces and the nature of public gatherings, often implicating audiences directly into the piece. We are acutely aware that performances are not solely moments of expression and communication, but that they are events in their own right, and we like to play with that fact.

Dedicated to principles of delight, humor, investigation and adrenalin,
We love to play.
Meaning swarm in Catalan, Eixam is a theatre piece performed by two dancers and a musician. It tells the story of two scientists in the desert investigating a rare species of desert locust. As they dance a dance of suspicion, mistrust and competition around each other, they are unexpectedly overtaken and overwhelmed by a swarm of phenomenal power.
Eixam is structured as a miniature conference; the encounter of two scientists engaged in the study of swarm theory and its practice. The performers don’t simply lead the spectators into a theater performance; rather they skillfully and consciously seduce them to participate in an experiment. Without noticing, the spectators are playfully transformed into a swarm and thus become part of the investigation. It is a dance comedy with a twist of Beckett and a hint of Roy Ayers.

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