(after Farid-ad-Din-Attar)
Laboratotio permanente di ricerca sull'arte dell' attor Domeniko Castaldo (Italy)
Sunday, 3rd July 2005
CCNS, Main Hall, 22:00

Direction: Domenico Castaldo
Direction assistant: Katia Capato
Cast: Piero Greco, Francesca Netto, Margherita Ortolani
The Language of the Birds by Farid-ad-Din Attar is the first track that lead our way On the Tracks of the Simurgh. More than a narrative poem, it’s a sapiential book, where the birds are the allegory of the soul that aims at divine perfection. The travel of the birds, left to search their king Simurgh, it’s a way of discovery and renunciation trough seven valleys: Research, Love, Cognisance, Detachment, Unification, Stupor and Annihilation.
At the and of the travel, just thirty birds will arrive to the destination, and there, they will discover that Simurgh is the mirror of themselves: SI- thirty, MURGH: Birds.
In Attar’ novel, a goose, a peacock, a parrot complete the walk... in the Viaggio analogo (the Analogous Travel), a company of young actors starts the walk pressed by the insatisfaction.
Three important questions impose to them this urgency:
Is the life that you live enough for you?
Are you happy in this life?
Are you happy with all that is around of you?
Guest performance is supported by Italian Cultural Center, Belgrade

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