The DAH Theatre Research Centre - Jadranka Anđelić Project, Beograd (SCG)
Friday, 1st July 2005
SNT, Hinterbine, 20:00

Directed by Jadranka Anđelić
Cast: Electa Behrens and Janoš Buš
Scenography and costumes: Antonella Diana
Organization: Elizabeta Kurela
In 1993 the DAH Theatre expanded its scope of activities by establishing the DAH Theatre Research Centre whose programme consists of workshops, lectures, seminars, guest performances and festivals. The DAH Theatre was founded by Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević in 1991 because there was a need for thorough research.

The Centre’s activities are focused on the constant exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas between artists and participants with different theatrical and national backgrounds. The Centre also creates conditions for the professional advancement of directors, actors/actresses and other artists in all theatrical fields. An important segment of the Centre’s work is the education of young people in the fields of contemporary theatrical expression and other artistic branches.

Our motto is: In the modern world, destruction and violence can only be opposed by making sense.
The Seekers tells the story of a brother and sister, interlaced with the lyrics of Hafiz, a XIV century Sufi poet. Raised in the tradition of Sufism as well as in the atmosphere of spirituality and humanity, Nor and Vilajat Kan face the circumstances of the II World War when millions of people are being persecuted. This puts them in a position where they must make an inner decision, raising the questions: how to preserve personal ethics and spirituality, and yet do something concrete to stop the evil; how to face the reality of the world without losing the ideals of spiritual values that are the real force behind any action.

Combining real and surreal, poetics and humour, the play unfolds before us as an allegory about the lives of two people who discover the power of personal decision and staying true to it.

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