Teatro Due Mondi (Italy)
Wednesday, 29th June 2005
Liberty square, 20:00

Author: Teatro Due Mondi
Director: Alberto Grilli
Cast: Beatrice Cevolani, Stefano Grandi, Alberto Grilli, Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa, Delia Trice, Renato Valmori
Teatro Due Mondi is an independent theatre company from Italy who has been creating street theatre, children’s theatre and research theatre for more than twenty years. The group has realised artistic projects, international exchanges and work-shops for professional and amateur actors in its own theatre in Faenza, has travelled through South America and performed everywhere in Italy. A few years ago, Teatro Due Mondi started to discover Central and Northern Europe. Since summer 2002, the group has participated in numerous festivals in Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, the UK, Serbia, Albania and Tunisia. Everywhere, its street-parade with stilt-walkers Fiesta has got a lot of success.

In 2004 Teatro Due Mondi created a new street performance, Oriente, and has already performed it in Italy, France and Germany. In January 2005 Teatro Due Mondi created a new indoor performance Saint Joan of the Slaughterhouse by Bertolt Brecht.
Fiesta is an itinerary performance which transforms streets into a festival of South-American flair. Drum rhythms, three-metre-long figures with faces of papier-mâché, colourful patched costumes, banners, whistles and fire: Fiesta advances, people start to follow this fantastic and jolly parade. At once, it stops: spectators form a big circle, Erendira’s admirer and a bandit are struggling and hunting each other, running, dancing and jumping acrobatically on stilts. And then it goes on, from scene to scene; in an onomatopoetic language-mix actors tell little burlesque stories, inspired by the Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez: a dramatic shipwreck, a turbulent rendezvous of four lovers, Erendira’s humiliation by her grand-mother. Traditional songs of the Italian Anarchy movement are sung and accompanied by an accordion and comment on the action. And step by step the town changes face adapting its new function as theatre scenery

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