Boris Kovac & La Campanella
Sunday, 3rd July 2005
The Sinagogue, 23:00

Boris Kovač – saxs, voice; Miloš Matić – contrabass, tamburica; Goran Penić – accordion; Vukašin Mišković – classic guitar; Ištvan Čik – percussions
String quartet TAJJ

Sound: Marinko Vukmanović, Ljubomir Pejić, Boris Kovač
Light: Ljubomir Pejić
Costume: Romana Knežević
Photography: Dejan Đuragić
Boris Kovač (1955) is a composer, instrumentalist and multimedia artist from Vojvodina, the Pannonian part of former Yugoslavia. He writes music for chamber groups he rehearses and leads. Many of his projects are connected with theatre. During the period from 1991-1995 he mainly lived and worked in Italy, Slovenia and Austria. In 1996 he moved back to Yugoslavia. By leading his THE RITUAL NOVA ensemble, The LaDaABa orchestra, Chamber Theatre of Music OGLEDALO and working with students he was trying to re-establish the contemporary music/theatre scene in his country. He is actually leading at least two projects: La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica with the LaDaABa orchesttra and the LA CAMPANELLA (a sentimental journey into a post-historic world). He has performed his works several hundred times and took part in around 100 festivals of new music and contemporary theater in 30 countries on 4 continents.
...la campanella suggsests a direct experience of the world that is perceived on the ruins of history, an inner space that links us in humanity in such a way the current historical reality, even with almighty instruments of comunication, is not succeeding.

...la campanella illustrates the thesis that historical discours in art, with its totalising aesthethical principals, has lost all its authenticity, in the same way as history has betrayed its proclaimed ideals...

...this concept of the art reveals the only authentical sanctuary of humanity left - spaces of individual creation and communication of personal creative stories...

... where la campanella is heard, Mediterranean and Middle European sentimental spaces are connected by threads of nostalgia, joy, tristess, ecstasy, melancholy...

I can not change or stop history, but I can declare it completed, at least at moment music offers us... (Boris Kovač)

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