THE LIGHT OF THE CORE - acoustic sculptures concert
Vladimir Labat - Rovnjev and Friends, Novi Sad (SCG)
Saturday, 25th June 2005
Katolička porta, 22:00

Playing: Vladimir Labat - Rovnjev, Uros Šećerov, Đorđe Labat, Vladimir Mijatović, Nevena Reljin, Goran Beronja
Vladimir-Labat-Rovnjev was born in Bački Petrovac in 1946 to a Slovakian-Russian family of teachers, father Stevan and mother Olga. Her family, Rovnjev, belonged to outstanding Russian nobility and gifted in the arts, arrived here in 1920. He finished his education, primary, secondary (civil engineering) and Teacher’s College – majoring in Art, by 1970 in Novi Sad. Since 1979 he has experimented with the synergy of sculpture, poetry, music and the development of spiritual energy. He released an LP album about ecology in 1979 under the RTB label.

He was one of the world’s first to create acoustic sculptures, and since 1980 has shown and played them at a number of concerts and exhibitions, and has also made numerous contributions to radio, television, theatre and film.

He has been the author and participant of numerous independent and group exhibitions, concerts in our country and abroad, and has appeared in roughly a hundred TV programs, as well as radio and newspaper interviews.

He has been awarded at a number of public competitions and exhibitions in our country and abroad and is the author of many commemorative works of art, coats of arms, signs, medallions, badges, medals, charters, as well as architectural-interior designs. One of his significant works of art in this field was represented in the Yugoslav Army symbol.

Since 1996 he has been working on his latest series of multidisciplinary creations, named Omfal and Svar. Being the first such product in the world, this series consist of acoustic-energy-light forms, whose effect activates sensory and non-sensory perception. A creative accomplishment such as this one changes a person’s state of mind, while graphical and spatial form is transformed permanently and kept in a parallel dimension in which we can OBSERVE through non-sensory perception.

Vladimir Labat-Ronjev lives and works on Fruška gora (Popovica) and the Petrovaradinian Fortress.

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