Sylvio Dufrayer Comphania de Danca (Brazil)
Saturday, 2nd July 2005
SNT, Chamber stage, 20:00

Director, Choreographer, Light: Sylvio Dufrayer
Cast: Alesandra Lofiego
Costume: Marcelo de Gang
Póst-graduated in Physical Education, Culture and Quality of life, and Desportive Training by the Gama Filho University, the dancer and the choreographer Sylvio Dufrayer has been known in the national dance scene since the 80’s. He teaches dance at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. He gives lectures about physic preparation for dancers with a new method that brings a better performance for the professional in this area. In February 2001 he created the project Programa Educaçao pelo Movimento that offers dance classes for neglected children in Cidade de Deus.

In 2000 the company was indicated in 2 categories: best choreographer and best dancer for the RioDança Prize, promoted by the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro.

He gave the open class of the UniverCidade in March 2001 with the lecture Morphological and Functional Evaluation for professional dancers with ballet base. He taught dance at Castelo Branco University and UniverCidade. He gave physical preparation and ballet classes to Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Dança, Carlota Portela Cia de Dança and Ana Vitória Cia de Dança, local companies. Physical preparation and assistence for the play O Lado Fatal, of Lia Luft, directed by Jackson Antunes. Physical preparation to the first dancers of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater Marcelo Misailidis and Renata Versiani. Attended the 22nd and 23rd International Symposium on Sports Science CELAFISCS with the published works: Análise Crítica da Utilizaçao do Flexiteste para Avaliar a Flexibilidade em Bailarinos Clássicos Profissionais and Avaliaçao Morfológica e Funcional de Bailarinos Profissionais do Rio de Janeiro que tenham a Dança Clássica como Base Técnica.

As a professional dancer he was a member of Balé Stagium and Cisne Negro companies in Sao Paulo, and Rede Globo TV and the Municipal Theater in Rio de Janeiro. Danced in the musical Evita (Rio, 1984) and was invited by Oscar Arraiz from Argentina to perform Menphisto in the ballet As Sete Danças para Villa Lobo, 1993.
This spectacle is about memory. The corporal memory that lives in our memory as a result of experiences that we have lived, or by our biological heritage. This language that many times speaks for itself expressing sentiments, intentions and actions that we would like hide, but are revealed telling a story about ourselves. The day-by-day actions that are carried-out without our intellectual consent like finding a switch in the dark. And the affective memory that translates itself in memories and exposed feelings without the filter of our judgment.

In January 2005, The Moment Before the Action was presented in Festival Estival de Teatro, in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina. in 2005 it was presented et 4+4 Days in Motion, in Prague. In November it will be presented et Black Dance Festival, in Vienna.

The first part of the spectacle called Ex-Votos participated in the 8th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival on the 20th March in Stuttgart, Germany, and was given the popular vote prize and selected by the public as the festival's best choreography.

In April 2004 Ex-Votos received the second prize at the solos competition at the 9MASDANZA – International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands at Gran Canaria, Spain. During this same period, the show was presented at the Victoria Theatre of Tenerife, Spain.

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