Dušan Stošić, Novi Sad (SCG)
Saturday, 25th June 2005
CCNS Building, 19:00

This work was completed this year after a year of work on it. I have not moved away from the previous accomplishments I displayed at exhibitions and I regard this work as part of a group of sculptures and installations I have completed in the last 2 years.

The key words that define the idea more closely are: existence / presence / occurrences / possibility. Circle and circular forms, for the time being, dominate my creative work. In bringing the expression down to primary / simple geometrical shapes, my deliberate choices were the ring, cylinder and sphere. I found these shapes together with the circle (whose nature is actually two-dimensional), to be the best mediums for expressing myself more clearly.

Colour is also very present in my work, so in this case, by analysing the basic concept, I realised that the colour gold suits it best because it’s ambiguous enough and possesses many layers, a quality which is important to me.

One of the basic assumptions in my creative work is that there is no finality.

I don’t want to conclude and give solutions and answers – I want to pose questions.
Dusan Stosic

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