Tatjana Ilić, Belgrade (SCG)
Saturday, 2nd July 2005
CCNS, Gallery, 19:00

What could make any sense from the point of view of an artist, in the atmosphere of society’s hypocrisy, in the atmosphere of the universal kitsch and evil that puts everything through the prism of relativism, in the blindness of relative criteria for understanding values, in a Nušic-like satire, in universal forgery…

This is the position that today’s artist emits as a creative spiritual being in these circumstances, is a position he perhaps shares with ancient David, fighter for spiritual freedom, naked witness of essence. However, this mythological David was brilliantly recognised by Voltaire, who posed the question of how David, a bandit and herald of robbery, was proclaimed a liberal mind at all. And so, everything is questioned further in the biorhythm of civilisation, a fact confirmed by another great David - Albert Einstein …

Today, with such plentiful possibilities, once again nothing new will emerge in the historical contest of that biorhythm, just wishes for accomplishing the existence of spiritual freedom. Just – to release from one’s hands a dove, a dreamer, a high-flier that carries, in its flight above us, a load, a form, a mini-video camera filming all the present spectators, a metaphor for destiny, and the situations they create, thus making and opening a different view of those destinies, a view from above, in a split second, from a winged perspective – above, the perspective of a high-flier’s flight.

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