Yulia Ginis and Mistorin grupa (Izrael)
Friday, 1st July 2005
CCNS, Main Hal, 19:00

Directing and design: Yulia Ginis
Writing and adaptation of the text: Yaakov Sinichkin
Video: Gil Sperling
Lights: Shahar Marom
Production: Oryan Michaeli
Performers: Yehuda Lazarovich, Yulia Ginis, Ayelet Salomon, Yonathan Geron
The Mystorin group is based on The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem. It works in the field of visual and movement theatre, creating strong images on stage through the relationship between actors and the design of the stage space. Right now the Mystorin group is interested in modern interpretation of the ancient Jewish heritage.

The latest productions are:
Sharvul Katzar (Short Sleeve) – story of a family living in a house made of old clothes – Summer 2004, School of Visual Theatre;
Imperial Theatre – costume theatre show, especially created for the Bat-Yam International Street Theatre Festival, Summer 2004;

At present we are working on project Ir ha-Hol (Sity of Sand) – street show based on the story of Creation for the Bat-Yam Street Theatre Festival and for the Akko Alternative Theatre Festival, 2005.
Mystorin (Mystery) is a unique interpretation of ancient Jewish stories that brings to the stage their remarkable beauty using the modern language of movement and visual theatre. The play creates strong visual images on stage using minimalist techniques, similar to the language of these ancient stories: concentrated but saturated with meaning. The stories interlace creating new stories and multiple versions of interpretation. The thread connecting them is the personal story of the work’s creator represented by her and unfolding another layer of the individual who studies the stories and interprets them according to her life experience. Each story takes place on a unique curtain that reminds of a page from an ancient book. The heroes of the story appear on the page suddenly; they slowly move and come to life. Through the movement of the actors around the curtain partially hidden or barely seen through the translucent parts, their shades behind the curtain hinting at the mystical meaning, the reality and fantasy integrate. Video projection of texts and images on the curtains enhances the magic of the stories. The play tells about the relationship between man and woman and between man and God, about passion for a miracle and spiritual revelation, about madness and untimely death.




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