The jury of the 46th INFANT festival, composed of: Rita Gobi, a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, Chairwoman, Borka Golubović Trebješanin, a journalist of the culture column of the daily “Politika”, and Filip Markovinović, a theatre, film and television director, has unanimously reached the following decision about the awards:


Award for the Most Original Exploration of One Segment of Theatrical Language:

Is given to “DEATH TO FASCISM! ON HEROES AND FREEDOM” by the Spotlight Theatre, Serbia:

Taking for a starting point the historical material and photographs, the authors of the production DEATH TO FASCISM! ON HEROES AND FREEDOM have successfully arrived at a clear and pure dramatic structure using a workshop approach. Besides the factographic historical information, the play brings a clearly defined ideological attitude towards the contemporary moment.

Award for a Particular Expressivity in Border Areas between Theatrical and Other Arts or Creative Fields in the Widest Sense:

Is given to “Human Shame”; by #reteteatro41 and Matera-Basilicata 2019, Italy:

Starting from personal ideas about the notion of shame, through explorative working process, the artists of the “reteteatro41” have arrived at an exciting result which reaches into the dark depths of a human being, delivering it in an attractive and communicative way. The audience is drawn into the play “Human Shame”, which, captivating by its humour, subtly treats our everyday life. The actors of the production play with their stage characters and roles as if they were written just for them.

Award for the most Successful Experiment – A Performance as a Whole:

Is given to “Silver Knife”; “I Am Goblin” (film); “Landing Error” by Goblin Party, South Korea,

who have exploited full possibilities offered by an extensive theatrical vocabulary, contemporary dance and traditional elements… The multimedia step forward is reflected in the use of film as an integral component of the play, pointing to the thin line that separates the arts of theatre and film. Goblin Party’s artists show courage in seeking something that differs from the world trends. We have felt the ease of their dancing, seen that their movements are not learned but spontaneous, and this is where the power of their art lies. Their choreography is a surprise, it cannot be anticipated. All these qualities have suggested them for this prestigeous recognition of the 46th Infant.