The Arma Theatre, Israel

Street theatre – an actor, a dancer or a circus artist, who chooses to perform in the street, must be able to respond in real time to any sort of stimuli around him, he has to raise his level of improvisational skills, his timing and he also must able to develop an active dialogue, silent or verbal with the audience. The public space belongs to the public and the performer has to prove himself to them! The workshop includes studio work, warm-ups and physical theatre practice, developing individual and group listening, experiences of situations and interventions in public spaces and the street, with reference to re-evaluating the physical, cultural and human environment.

Site Specific theatre is theatre created in a given space – breaking the orderliness of a stage for actors and seats in rows for the audience. The theatrical site-specific space can vary: a historic building, a building of special architecture, open nature, industrial hangar, art gallery, theatre building, any urban public space, street, apartment etc. etc… the selected space has an important significance in the creative process, where we re-examine the relations of actor – space – audience: the theatrical piece is inspired by the architectural character of the space, its history, unique story etc. Participants will experience various exercises which examine the changes taking place in the personal and collective play, learn how to turn the space into an inspiring place and how to integrate theatrical characters and stories into the process.