The Association of Drama Artists of Vojvodina, Serbia

Text authors, stage design solutions and video material creation: Miljan Vojnović, Marijana Prpa Fink

Author of music and sound design: Ljubomir Nikolić

Lights Design: Zdenko Medveđ, Anđelko Popić

Photography, Design: Srđan Doroški

Expert Consultant: Simon Grabovac

In cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

The play presents principles of theatrical anthropology to the audience through the phenomenon of memory and reminding. On the stage, the actors use videos documenting one period of the Infant Festival as well as segments of their own personal opuses on the Novi Sad scene. They create a story through the stage language of the contemporary theatrical procedure in a series of associative images that invite the audience on an unusual journey of the vibrations of a silent stage. By use of audio-visual and dramatic means, memory and reminding as a phenomenon of conscious and unconscious in human being’s behaviour is translated into stage language, playing personal and collective.

The production is supported by the City Administration for Culture of Novi Sad