M O N D A Y,  July 1st
18:00..Novi Sad Theatre / Újvidéki Színház
Novi Sad Theatre
/ Újvidéki Színház
:.YERMA..(Novi Sad, YU)
Student's Scene in Novi Sad Theatre

Directed by  Kinga Mezei

Yerma: Andrea Erdelj/Marta Beres
Maria: Marta Beres/Andrea Erdelj
Juan: Istvan Keresi, s.a.
Victor: Andor Kovacs Nemes, s.a.
Child: Renata Zima
Merry woman: Kinga Fazekas
Dolores, witches/
Males: Imre Mikes, David Grabovac, Silard Bordas
Young women: Karmen Rencar, Maja Bugarcčic
Sisters in law: Ada Simon, Elvira Klebecko
Londry women: Teodora Drozdik Popovic, Marta Beres/ Andrea Erdelj, Kinga Fazekas, Maja Bugarcic, Karmen Rencar
Veronika Antunovic, oboe
Vojislav Savkov, tenor sax
Anamarija Erdelj, chello
Ervin Malina, contrabass
Istvan Cik, drums
Composer: Silard Mezei (motives of hungarian folk music)
Stage manager: Aleksandra Biro
Make up: Margita Sabo, Kinga Mezei
Sound: Jozef Salamon
Costumes: Valerija Lakner
Lights: Laslo Selesi
Dramaturgy: Kata Djarmati
Assistant director: Valerija Juhas

.......Y E R M A,  T W O  T I M E S.......

From premiere of Lorca with double roles on Student’s Scene in Novi Sad Theatre
Young team – director, composer and actors – of Student’s scene of Novi Sad Theatre wants to win and find new ways of self-realisation.
Director, costume designer and scenographer Kinga Mezei wants to bring to present some ancient molesting and social deprivation of Spanish woman, the subject that Lorca describes in his drama arising from Spanish milieu.
After her wedding, YERMA (Spanish expression for poor land) wants the most natural thing in the world: a child. But her bitter and always business occupied husband is not giving her one. In her spiritual and emotional solitude Yerma’s child yearning becomes an obsession. At the end, after she tried all the “medications” and possibilities, she rebelled: she chokes her husband and destroys herself too. 
Actors of Kinga Mezei are young members of Student’s scene. This fact contributes to reformulating Yerma’s artistic expression, bringing to surface the seal of contemporary youth.
The show is perfectly followed by music of Mezei Silard, built up on motives of Hungarian national songs.
Perfectly composed and permanent choreographic movement, stylized dance, follows the text (scenic movement).

..This text is based on Jodal Roza critics published in Magyar Szo

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad