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20:00..“Pera Dobrinovic” Scene of Serbian National Theatre


Authors: Magdalena Lupi, Iva Nerina Gattin, Zak Branko Valenta
Performers: Selma Banich, Barbara Matijevic, Zak Branko Valenta

Scenography and lights: Lara Badurina
Music: Ivan Sarar
Producers: Boba Bundalo, Magdalena Lupi

.......TRAnsition FIctive Theatre.....

Homeless writer Ödön von Horváth is interested in an individual described primarily in his physicality. TRAFIC is interested in the same. The world of von Horváth is just a starting point for TRAFIC developing of its own imaginative space in the show. DANCEUROPA opens the questions of individual and the masses, differences and similarities, existential insecurity and moulted identity, belonging to set normatives and escaping to illusion. Moving and repeating, not happening and silence dramaturgy represent permanent attempt of changes. The title describes an association complex. DANCEUROPA. In tree quarters tact. Only for those who can follow. Because body remains the only home and the fate is the only premiere.
And the theatre is just the place of measured appearances.

TRAFIC (Transition Fictive Theatre) is an independent production founded in 1998 in Rijeka with intention to explore different contemporary theatre expressions, more than all theatre of movement, mime and physical theatre. One of the important prerogatives of TRAFIC is mutual co-operation of its members that are: Magdalena Lupi (art director, graduated dramaturgy at the Ljubljana Academy for theatre, film and television), Zak Branko Valenta (performer, choreographer and pedagogue, graduated at School of Physical Theatre in London), Iva Nerina Gattin (performer, choreographer and pedagogue, graduated at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, Great Britain), Edvin Liveric (performer, pedagogue, graduated at Zagreb Academy of Arts, acting dept.), Alex Djakovic (performer), Selma Banich (performer, graduated at School of classical ballet in Zagreb and Heinz-Bosl Stiftung Akademie in Munich), Daria Lorenci (performer, graduated at Zagreb Academy of Arts, acting dept.), Lara Badurina (graduated at Ljubljana Academy of Arts, sculpture dept., postgraduate studies at Academy for theatre, film and television), Ivan Sarar (musician, final year of psychology), Boba Bundalo (producer, graduated sociology at Zagreb Philosophical faculty).

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad