T H U R S D A Y,  July 4th
20:00..Youth Theatre Big Hall

Celinka Dance Group:
200 %
dance performance..(Ljubljana, SLO)

Choreography: Ursula Terzan
Dramaturgy: Klavdija Zupan

Dance creation and dance:
Neja Kos, Marinka Ribic, Tanja Skok, Ursula Terzan

Set design: Irena Pivka
Make-up design: Bilika Baloh
Costume design: Marta Vrahovec, Marija Pogacnik
Music: Mario Marlot, Pansonic, Tomaz Pipp
Light design: Boris Milanko
Sound technician: Anze Krec
Production: Celinka Dance Group

Ursula Terzan (dancer, choreographer, dance teacher) has in her first performance 100% taken on the problems of dancers everyday routine. The difference between the idea and final realization, communicational traps in which the dancers get trapped during the creative process were the content of the performance. By ironic comment on once own work and contribution of the co-cretaors the distinguished style of the performance has been formed. The content has been shaped by the physical reality of the dancers primary tool – the body – on one hand and by the empty space of the stage on the other.
200% is a mirror image of the first performance and hence functions in at first glance totally constraining space – a metal cube. At first glance only. Beyond the first impression lies a totally new side of the same story.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad