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20:00..Chamber Scene of Serbian National Theatre

BAD Co. :.SOLO ME..(Zagreb, CRO)

Choreographers / performers:
Nikolina Bujas Pristas & Pravdan Devlahovic

Music: L. van Beethoven and others
Dramaturgy: Ivana Sajko & Goran Sergej Pristas
Scenography: Magdalena Pederin & Goran Petercol
Costumes: Josipa & Marijana Bronic

Communication will be established, and soon it will stop.  Damir Bartol Indos
SOLO ME is a solo for two performers – choreographers. It is an attempt at a performance which would deal with the way an unproblematic field of experiences (like that performer’s experience of begin on a stage), or a set of practices, which are accepted without questions, which are familiar and “silent”, become a creative problem, raise discussion and debate, incite new reactions, and induce a crisis in the previously silent behaviour, habits and practices. In other words, what we would like to thematize in this performance is our own act of performing, the relationship that we construct between us (as performers) on stage as well as our relation to the audience and vice versa.
The topic of SOLO ME might be subsumed under the following fragments of thought:
..How can we problematize our own experience of being on stage?
..Is the act of performing the only thing we experience while being on stage?
..Who are we, seen from the viewpoint of the Other? How can we reach this Other?
..And finally is it really irrelevant what the author wanted to say?
...BAD Co.
BACK TO INDEX > > > Theatre group Bad Co. was founded in 2000 while some of the authors worked together on the project Confessions in Theatre &TD.

In November 2000 Bad Co. realized its first production Man.Chair.

In January 2001 the group had the performance of their dance project 2tri4 which won Grand Prix at the “Tendencies” choreographic competition in Luxembourg.
The performance 2tri4 was a part of the Aerowaves program in London 2002.

In August 2001 the group premiered live art piece Diderot’s Nephew Or Blood Is Thicker Then Water in co-production with Split Summer Festival, Theatre &TD and Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad