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22:00..Chamber Scene of Serbian National Theatre

Kamerni teatar 55:.KNIVES IN HENS.(Sarajevo)

Author: David Harrower
Directed by:.Damir Zlatar Frey
Cast: Mirjana Karanovic, Ermin Bravo & Edhem Husic

We all impatiently waited for he prečiere of the David Harrower’s text Knives In Hens. How wouldn’t we when the director is well known fighter for homosexual rights, what is still a very unusual for Sarajevo. Unusual are also the means that he uses in his performance. There most certainly are people who will be shocked by this show (as a lady was when she saw the actress Mirjana Karanovic half naked) but in it “everything is known” and has its artistic justification. This text was created as a consequence of writer’s exploration of life in middle age Scotland. Its basis is formed by relationships between The Woman (Mirjana Karanovic), The Agriculturist (Edhem Husic) and The Millman (Ermin Bravo). The woman sent her housband to The Millman, who is hatted by the entire village. His guilt is only the fact that he knows the nature of the natives, their balck spots, he watches over their miserable faiths, reads from their soles. Mirjana Karanovic plays safely (physical expression has always been her stronger side), that is the character that we can envy her on. Without mistakes in accent and any overplaying, this female role is undoubtedly going to be remembered. Strong women passes trough husband’s kinky games, leaves him, and after (physically very exciting) slaughter of The Agriculturist and sex with The Millman takes “her own path”.
..Adhem Buric, Dani, Nov. 2001
From elementary animal sex as physiological need, up to creative erotica that slowly shapes the erotic being of the show. In other words her true and creative life. 
In these lonely spaces filled with soil, air, water and fire in shape of Woman we recognise basic elements that are in deeply functional for the show. We recognise empedoclic forces of the universe, Love and Hate. Life – Death – Life in eternal cycles and cycling.
Isn’t the unreachable goal of Art to form new worlds from it’s own material and not to refabulate the already existing ones? It seams that we can find direction poetic of Damir Zlatar Frey somewhere near by the answer to that question. Is he always reaching his aim? The facts remains that mortal creatures can rarely or never touch the stars. What seams important is his awareness and desire in which he knows how to add fantastic and fanatic energy.
..Ljubica Ostojic, Oslobodjenje, Nov. 2001

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad