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20:00..Chamber Scene of Serbian National Theatre
OM Theatre:.MEMENTO, performance.(DENMARK)
Directed by: Jadranka Andjelic
Script/Adaptation/Texts by: Jorge Luis Borges, Marina Cvetaieva, Clarissa Pinkola EstÚs, Federico Garcia Lorca, Reverent Niem°ller, Ben Okri, Elise Spingler, Emile Shindler, Simone Wieil, Walt Whitman

Ingrid Hvass, Maria Mńnty, Hisako Miura,
Annemarie Waagepetersen,  Ana Woolf and Sandra Pasini

Set design: Antonella Diana
Music: J.S Bach, C.Debussy, Rentaro Taki, Sandra Pasini and traditional songs
Costumes: Antonella Diana

Six women on a boat - travelling to a new land, after the war. They decided to begin a new life. On the sea, on no man’s land, they hope and fear for the new life. They have nothing to loose; they have nothing in common besides visions and fears of the future. Running away from the past the heaviest luggage they carry is their memories.
THEATRE OM, founded in 1989 in Rome, Italy, by Sandra Pasini (actress), and Antonella Diana, (set designer) is today a theatre company with international cast. Since 1996 it has had its base in Denmark.
Artistically the group’s work is based on the strong physical training of actors and the connection between the visual arts and theatre. The scenic space is developed parallel to the actor's actions and the dramaturgy. The scenery, colours and props create not only a "surface", but also a world in which the actor gives life to a character and from which the spectators create their own vision of another reality. Likewise music and storytelling have an important place in the company’s recent productions.

  “Una spada per la mano” (A Sword for Your Hand), 1990-1993. 
  “Colora il cuore” (Colour Your Heart), “Murales Cantato”, 1993-1994. 
  “Ciota, Matoc i Guliver”, 1995.
  “Triller fra Havet” (Song from The Sea), “Homage to Giacometti”, 1996.
  “Quarrtsiluni”, 1997. 
  “Sun and the moon”, “Fugl Foniks” (Bird Phoenix), “Kaleidoscope”, “Vincent van Gakk meet Spugna” (Vinsent van Gak sreŠe Spunju), 1999.
  “Tider i vinden” (Times of Winds), 2000. 
  “Memento”, “Fox Weeding”, 2001. 
Theatre OM has toured in: Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Greenland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, UK and Yugoslavia.

The idea itself is close to the genius. Six women on a boat heading for a new country. The women are of different nationalities. The only thing they apparently have in common is the memory of the cruelties they have witnessed during the war and their dreams and fears for the future. You can imagine the Hollywood version: a 2 1/2 hours film with Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer and Zeta-Jones, where the women┤s personal stories are revealed layer by layer while they are getting closer to an understanding and an accept of each other rocking out there in the middle of the ocean. But this is not Hollywood. This is Vinderup a rainy night in October and the six women are played by professional actresses, yes, but not of the kind with star salaries and faceliftings. 
Fascinating is also Antonella Diana┤s simple and at the same time very inventive scenography. The play with the light, the sound of the capstans that pull the lights up and down, the use of the bamboo, the box that turns out to hold water, the "treasures" that appear from the suitcases and so on. 
Memento is a fine performance. A performance that is made very actual when Ingrid Hvass quotes Walt Whitman :
" What whispers are these o lands, running ahead of you, 
passing under the seas?  Are all nations communing?
Is there going to be but one heart to the globe?
The earth confronts a new era, perhaps a general divine war,
No one knows what will happen next... the space ahead as I walk, is full of phantoms,
Unborn deeds, things soon to be".
You can easily see Memento even though you are not a professor in experimental theatre. There are images, feelings and  words enough to get a good experience. This is what happens when imagination and professional skill go hand in hand and create intensity on stage. Theatre OM masters that art.
..Merete G. S°rensen, Dagbladet Holstebro, 25th Oct. 2001

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad