LaLa #3: Cocomotel


Victoria (Belgium) & Productiehuis Brabant (The Netherlands)


Concept and dance: Laure Dever and Laura Vanborm
Artistic coaching: Lies Pauwels
Video and photography: Michiel De Jaeger
Stage and costumedesign: An Breugelmans
Music chosen and adapted by Lies Vanborm and Kurt Verleure
Lighting design: Philippe Digneffe
Realisation décor: Herman De Roover
Coordination: Marika Ingels
Production manager: Wim Clapdorp

The duration of the play is 45 minutes.


The production name of Victoria has gone down in the history of European theatre. The house with the seat in Gent (Belgium), under the leadership of Dirk Pauwels, is famous on the one hand for the interdisciplinary approach to theatrical work including working with all age groups. On the other hand, Victoria considers providing stimulus and support to young talents to be one of its main missions. 

Laure Dever and Laura Vanborm made a pleasant surprise in 2004 with their project LaLa #2: Caroline & Rosie, a fresh, youthful and sensual dance performance. What started as graduation work at the Dance Academy in Tilburg, for which Victoria gave them the venue to hold rehearsals in, soon gained wider importance.  So the project, which saw a modest European tour and brought the dancers the award for the most promising debut at the TAZ Festival in Ostend (Belgium), came to life. 

In the project LaLa#3 Cocomotel, they take a further step in their joint progress, coached by actress and director Lies Pauwels (White Star, 2004). This new piece promises a first-class visual performance in which photography takes an important part. The scene turns into a gigantic photo album with photographs among which the four characters move. Dever and Vanborm explore the question of how to build up a character through movement and dance. What determines identity and makes it visible? Is it possible to be original? Which parts of myself do I show and which do I keep intimate? The video-pictures in the show, made in collaboration with video and film-maker Michiel De Jaeger, show the intimate side of the characters and their personal side, while the stage is a public space, a place of accidental encounters, where there is no privacy.