The Little Theatre Dusko Radovic
Belgrade (Serbia)


Written by Milan Markovic
Directing: Jelena Bogavac
Stage and costumes: Jelena Stojanovic
Audio-Video: Igor Markovic

Doctor, The First: Damjan Kecojevic
Mr. Rabbit: Bojan Dimitrijevic
Jovan, Bear: Milos Samolov
Mira, Fox: Vladislava Djordjevic
Mom, Old Lady: Marijana Vicentijevic
Dad, Peter: Dimitrije Ilic
Boss, The Second: Nikola Protulipac

The duration of the play is 80 minutes.


I remembered a dream of a few years ago that excited me terribly. I dreamt that I was arguing with my friend Milos about something extremely important. My blood boiling because of my highly intelligent and absolutely undeniable arguments. I had not noticed that he was silent and just smiled. When I asked him why he was laughing, he replied that I was funny because I was arguing with myself. He explained to me that I was dreaming and that he was just a part of me, so that when quarreling with him, I was in fact quarrelling with my own self. That is when Rabbit got out of hand. He required a role in the play and got it. He started to wonder about his existence and in a way infected all the other characters with that question.
Mr. Rabbit is a criticism of market-conditioned modern arts and society, but it is also a dissection of narcissistic fantasies, a story about an inter-galactic friendship, about Buddha and a butterfly, about a little bird which sits on our shoulder, about dogs, cats and dolphins…
Milan Markovic

Consumer society vs. Individual. Individual vs. Consumer society. Masculinity vs. Femininity. Femininity vs. Masculinity. Freedom vs. Branding. Branding vs. Freedom. Madness vs. Treatment. Treatment vs. Madness. Madness vs. Peculiarity… And round and round in circles… At first sight, it is impossible to find a way out of this labyrinth. But only at first sight. If one probes into the story more profoundly, one thing becomes clear: this is a drama with a basic conflict as old as humanity itself. It is a conflict of responsibility and freedom. Love and duty, if we speak in theatrical terms. This is a drama that deals with the adjustment to the rules of the world we are living in. A drama that, like a textbook, speaks of the rules of a game at the point where the game turns into life. Real life.
Minja Bogavac, DMS