Theatre EXIT (Croatia)


Concept and direction: Natasa Lusetic
Text: Damir Klemenic and Natasa Lusetic
Performers: Damir Klemenic and Natasa Lusetic
Sound and projection: Ivan Marusic Klif
Visual identity: Lina Kovacevic
Editing: Vjeran Pavlinic
Assistant Director: Violeta Djordjevic
Technical support and collaboration: Mario Kovacic
Lights master: Tomislav Baotic
Art Director of the EXIT Theatre: Matko Raguz

The duration of the play is 100 minutes.


Egomania, a multi-medial play of the EXIT Theatre from Zagreb (Croatia), contemplates the idea of being through the prism of successfull business operation. The thing which was a personal pronoun until recently, turns into EGO CORPORATION under an enterprising management. The goals of EGO CORPORATION, just as with any other enterprise, are:

  • To generate as high a profit as possible
  • To avoid bankruptcy at any cost, but simultaneously successfully trade with other companies with a deficit of  emotions 
  • To constantly improve production – self-creation – through smart investment in the development of software (exotic hobbies, extreme sports) and hardware (silicon implements).
  • To optimize marketing: an omnipresent appearance in the limelight of all events, live or by 3D-online communication.
  • To take competitive position on the stock market exchanges of sense of humour, erudition and sex appeal, to penetrate international markets.
  • To do a clean business, grow slowly, and take care, first of all, of accurate and transparent emotional accounting.

Through a combination of film, the Internet and theatre, Egomania examines the banality of developed capitalism, which trades the dream of immortality for the dream of profits.


To be strongly recommended, not only to those with low self-esteem, but even more to those with an overrated picture of themselves. If they watched Egomania every day, they might (just) to begin to understand that their trips to the Himalayas and the fastest of all cars leave a bloody trail behind…
I. Ruzic, Radio 101

Both the immaculate Power-Point presentation and the colourful role play moments are carried out with great humour and cynicism while at the same time providing a powerful critique of the times we live in.
K. Kolega, Slobodna Dalmacija