The Belgrade Drama Theatre (Serbia)


Concept and choreography: Dalija Acin
Dancers: Ana Ignjatovic, Marko Milic, Dalija Acin
Costumes: Ana Zarubica, Dalia Acin
Selection of music: Dalija Acin

The duration of the play is 45 minutes.


Never accept yourself – surely you would have been better if you were somebody else
Dalija Acin

is a game we play against ourselves
is a game of possibilities and impossibilities
is a game for and against our own body
is a game of acceptance and rejection
is a game in which desires cause vulnerability
is a game in which we win and lose at the same time

Dalija Acin was born in 1974 in Yugoslavia. She received classical ballet education in ballet school Lujo Davico in Belgrade (Serbia). Dalija furthered her professional training with famous artists and ballet educators in our country (Ivanka Lukateli, Aleksandar Izrailovski) and abroad (France, USA, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain). As a dancer and a choreographer, she has participated in many shows (Ultimate Illusion, 2004), performed on a number of scenes in our country and at world festivals. Dalija has taken part in special international projects, where yoga and marshal art taichi techniques were used.
She has received a number of important awards and recognitions.