The Theatre of Hats, Belgrade (Serbia)


Author: Ljudmila Stratimirovic
Actors: Vladislava Djordjevic, Masa Mileusnic, Bojana Zecevic, Milos Vlalukin,
Music: Xploding Plastix (Norway); Ivana Grahovac, violoncello
Lights design: Aleksandra Daggfeldt (Sweden)
Sound-Video: Dejan Ubovic
Props: Olivera Masic

The duration of the play is 45 minutes.


Autumnor How Do I Look?is the fourth in the series of plays of the Theatre of Hats company in which the phases of human life are compared with the seasons in a specific way. Actually, this was just the initial idea around which individual plays were worked out and developed further depending on the interests and inspirations taken from the close or global environment of authors, musicians and dancers. This kind of work was first started in 1997 with the performance of the first play, Winter or Dreams or the Journey in All Directions, in the Cultural Centre REX. 

In 1999 in the Bitef Theatre, their second play, Spring or Nightmare in Serbia, premiered.  The same venue saw the third play as well, Summer, Waves or Waiting in Vain and Life on the Bottom, in co-production with the Slovenian art group Stripkor.  

Autumn… or How Do I Look?thematically deals with woman, her problems in modern society, adaptation to the environment, her constant dissatisfaction and uncertainty which she tries to hide in different ways. In a wider focus, in the manner typical of the Theatre of Hats, social changes are considered, along with the position of a Serbian woman in the times of transition and inter-gender relationships in the Serbia of today…
Costume is one of the more important elements of the play. Frequent changes of costumes and using just some parts of it skillfully builds up the story flow while serving as scenography to a certain extent. 
The particularity of this fourth play in the series dedicated to the seasons is observed in the electronic music of the group Xploding Plastix from Norway, whose members are Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen, combined with the sounds of the violoncello played by Ivana Grahovac on stage.