Solo Multimedial Performance
Tanja Ostojic (Serbia/Germany)


Concept and performance: Tanja Ostojic

The duration of the performance is approximately 75 minutes. It is followed by discussion as its integrative part.

Integration Impossible is a new interactive compilation of performances, art actions and documentary by Tanja Ostojic questioning EU migration policies and the notion of terrorism. Ostojic directly familiarized herself with popular border crossings strategies that migrants have been using for decades. In order to take her own rights that she has been restricted from by current EU laws, she explicitly applied strategies of provoking public sphere and of violation of law, to gain the right to move freely and live and work where she wants.

Her recent series of works entitled Integration Project summarizes experiences and investigations related to the situation of being a womаn immigrant in Germany. The preceding project Looking for a Husband with EU Passport was an initial key frame that thematises gender politics and capitalism and describes the collision between isolation, poverty and the EU policies of exclusion: to obtain a residence permit for the EU she posted her nude photo on the Internet in search of an EU citizen interested in marriage. A brief meeting in Belgrade was followed by the wedding as a performance act in the media of law.

Tanja Ostojic (Belgrade/Berlin) was born in Yugoslavia in 1972 and studied art in Belgrade and Nantes (France). She is an interdisciplinary artist developing and presenting her work intensivеly worldwide, engaged as well as cultural activist, visiting professor, contributor to the “Art in Migration” magazine (Vienna). She includes herself as a character in situationistic performances and uses diverse media in artistic researches, thereby examining social configurations and relations of power. She works from the migrant women perspective. The approach in her work is predominantly defined by political position, humour and the integration of the recipient.