performance art
DDT, Belgrade (Serbia)

Project authors and participants:
Choreographers and dancers: Dragana Stanisavljević, Dubravka Subotić, Tijana Malek
Costume and set: Ana Zarubica
Music: Branislav Gluvakov
Video: Nataša Teofilović


The dance performance ‘A Hundred/Spoons/Characters for Atmosphere’ was inspired by everyday lives of ours and of those who take part in it – our neighbours, relatives, shop assistants, passers by. We tried to take a look at that through the “Dali’s prism” of an absurd and twisted reality.   
How do the things which are harmonious by general agreement, become twisted and altered in an individual’s life and practice? What is the thing which makes us what we are - the little things we have created to make us accomplished persons? Three authoresses and protagonists of this project, Dragana Stanisavljević, Dubravka Subotić and Tijana Blagojević, will present three, seemingly different, and essentially absolutely identical characters: three women separated and united in everyday situations accompanying them here and now – their desires and fantasies, but the cruel reality as well. How to face yourself and fulfil the expectations of your family and society? Living in decadent times, the aim is no ‘instant’ solution, nor banal criticism, but to tell somebody’s (our) story in a simple and humorous way.        
The aspiration to a normal life, which resembles somebody else’s ‘vision’, unfolding a couple kilometres away from us, and a constant need to compare with the ‘normal’ lives of others, leads us to a mass madness on the verge of ingenuity of social relationships and attitudes towards the reality of a community.     
What is actuality, and what is reality? Is actuality what we create, and reality what is imposed upon us by others?
As there is no simple answer to this question in the contemporary thought, or it doesn’t allow to be answered, the authoresses and protagonists chose to cite Salvador Dali…

DDT-Creative Centre for Movement is an independent theatrical troupe, founded during 2003, whose work is based on research, development and promotion of contemporary dance. DDT-CCM simultaneously develops both educational activities and programmes designed to involve young generations in the world of movement and contemporary dance. The DDT-CCM production incorporates dance art performances and miniatures, children’s plays, workshops on dance techniques, video dance works, photography and publications. The founders of DDT-CCM are Dragana Stanisavljević, Dubravka Subotić and Tijana Malek. Their choreographies have been performed at the 7th and 8th Choreography Miniature Festival, as well as other festivals and theatres. Their performance art has been shown in galleries and public spaces, as well as the theatrical stages in our country and abroad.   
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