Smiljana Vlajić, Miroslav Štatkić (Serbia)

Smiljana Vlajić, composer
Miroslav Štatkić, composer
The students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad: Srdjan Asanović, voice / class of Prof. Nica Fracile /Olivera Bijelić, voice/class of Prof. Nice Fracile/, Mirjana Rajić, voice /class of Prof. Nica Fracile/, Duško Španović, trumpet /class of Prof. Mladen Djordjević/, Ana Kazimić, composition student /class of Prof. Zoran Mulić/
Dancers Dušan Dinić, Saša Tojagić

Smiljana Vlajić: Perun only Fell Asleep for a Moment
Miroslav Štatkić: The Infinity of the Curved Time


Alchemy of Music
The authors S. Vlajić and M. Štatkić take two antipodes as their base for the project from the cycle called ‘Serbian Ritual Music’- the traditional Serbian ritual-pagan aspect on the one hand, and the contemporary musical expression on the other. The archetypical singing and playing combined with modern electro-acoustic sound creates an original sound ambience, as a new amalgam of the pulsating core of the entire reality which comes in forms of peculiar sound structures.
The alchemical magic of creating, uniting and the procedures of applying principles of skill and knowledge are elementary values of exploring the tangible and intangible world. The application of the same recipe to the field of artistic expression opens unseen and infinite possibilities in the search for the eternal truth. This approach is, at least, an interesting and a unique experience. The Alchemy of Music offers a piece of this magic.    

Composer Smiljana Vlajić, born in Belgrade, Serbia, received her primary and secondary music education at the Music School ‘Stanković’ in Belgrade, Piano Department. She graduated in Composition from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad in 1998, class of Academic Dušan Radić, with a symphonic eulogy ‘The Play of a Numbed Reality’ for the large thee-fold orchestra. She received her Master’s Degree from the same Academy in 2006, class of Prof. Rajko Maksimović, with her symphonic eulogy ‘Opus Alchemicum’.
She advanced her education at the Academy in Vienna (Austria).
Her fields of work are composition and music theory, while her particular interests lie with the fields of perception and psychology of music.

Miroslav Štatkić (Prizren, 1951), a composer and Full Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, completed his primary music education in Prizren. He did both his graduate and post-graduate studies at the Music Faculty in Belgrade, Composition Department, in class of Prof. Enriko Josif, receiving his further education in the West Berlin with Prof. Isang Yune at the Art Academy on a German State fellowship (DAAD).   
He has received a number of awards and recognitions for his artistic work, among which is the October Award of the City of Novi Sad.
In his 35-year-long career he has written over 450 compositions (around 70 symphonies, a number of chamber, soloist, vocal and vocal-instrumental, electro-acoustic, multi-medial and stage pieces).
He has written a number of compositions for theatre and TV dramas. His works have been published and performed abroad.

Composer Štatkić has dedicated some of his works to certain Foundations, permanently transferring the copyrights for these to humanitarian activities of the Foundations.      
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