Siegmar Schröder/Theaterlabor im Tor 6, Bielefeld (Germany)

Performers: Indira Heidemann, Karin Wedeking, Thomas Behrend, Michael Grunert
Light: Siegmar Schröder
Sound: Hans-Dietrich Dombrowski
Directed by Siegmar Schröder

The duration of the play is 60 minutes.


The performance is a result of combination of artistic language developed by Theaterlabor with paintings of Francis Bacon that became an important inspiration for members of the theatre. As it is stressed by the director, the project differs from earlier works of the theatre. The performance includes a series of actions in attempt to revive some Bacon's paintings, among others Self-portrait (1969), Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion (1962), and Three Studies of Figures on Beds (1972). The sequence of scenes created by referring to Bacon includes: The Dream, Four Islands, Faces, Couples, Actions. The performance uses quotes from Artaud, Eliot, and Bataille. The performance was presented, among others during the Biennale 2005 in Venice.

Theaterlabor im Tor 6
The group has existed since 1983. The founder, artistic leader and director of all performances is Siegmar Schroeder. The very name of the group, Theaterlabor, defines its program and direction of its activities; the ensemble is focused on exploration of various possibilities of theatre - and work with body as the main interest. The main inspiration in this quest were methods of well known theatrical teachers, such as Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba, but also commedia dell'arte tradition as well as Asian forms of theatre and dance.
Theaterlabor has developed the unique theatrical language. It covers not only aesthetics, but in the first place touches the process of creation and it is present in methods of work. The group presents performances based on own texts, and adaptations of literary works, as well as outdoor events and projects focused on work with space and architecture - and very often co-operates with other theatres and artists of various fields. The ensemble tries to find a new form to each performance and event - and their work is based on constant intensive artistic exchange between all people involved in a project.
The group runs also own artistic centre, realizing big projects and theatrical festivals, participated by most prominent artists from Europe and all over the world.

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