Ferenc Fehér/Finita la Commedia (Hungary)

Free being (Dance): Ferenc Fehér 
Choreography: O. Caruso, Ferenc Fehér
Drawing: Andor Damu                
Music compilation: Zsolt Marton/ Burning Duck
Music: Ferenc Fehér
Video: Dóra Szenteleki/ Burning Duck
Light: Gabi Bánki
Directed by O. Caruso

The duration of the play is 45 minutes.


Protected and self-endangering K. U. S. “Kuss!” (Shut up!)
It is a small stone of scandal. A mere pebble. Creating silently multiplicating waves.

“Ferenc Fehér’s presence (his movements, dance and absence), both in its aim and content express a constant yearning for freedom that is reflected in confrontation and revolt, striving for freedom of expression and the need to experience and live oneself. From our point of view, this symbolizes our resistance and denial of the constantly canonized norms and expectations of art and society.
Our creation stems from the need to recognize and reveal. Because we have lost something somewhere. Definitely and finally.” (O. Caruso)

“Ferenc Fehér discovered by Anikó Juhász came into the alternative world with elementary force: the natural born gifted former street dancer surprised everybody in the audience with his wild and yet very lyric solos that have a special atmosphere.” (Zene, zene, tánc written by K. Lõrincz)

Finita la Commedia
Since 1999, O. Caruso (Anik? Juhasz), a choreographer of great experience in the field of contemporary theatre (movement) and Ferenc Fehér, a self-taught dancer, i.e. a dancer whose great talent is innate, have been performing together as the troupe ‘Finita la Commedia’. Since its beginnings, the troupe has appeared at a number of festivals in Europe, as well as overseas (Brazil), and without exception they have meet with a great excitement of the audiences.
The troupe members undoubtedly belong to the circle of the leading protagonists of the Budapest dance scene; Fehér, who has no classical dance education, belongs to the small group of Hungarian dancers who use the forms of street dance, and among them he is the only one to import the elements from hip-hop and martial arts, thus creating his own distinctive style.
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