DUNE Dance Company, Bourgas (Bulgaria)

Performers: Vladimir Grudev, Petya Andreeva, Margarita Yanakieva
Choreography: Petya Stoykova

The duration of the play is 40 minutes

DANZA is a performance about the dance itself and its presence in our daily life. The musicality of the ordinary body movements and the ways of perception of dance are the main themes of the piece. The text of the performance is built by organic interpretation of gestures and situations performed in classical music sets.

DANZA is about the dance itself and its unavoidable presence in our daily life. There are many ways of perception of life. One of all is to blow the wind in an empty bag and listen for the music.

DUNE Dance Company was formed in 1986 in the city of Bourgas. It is based in Youth Cultural Centre Bourgas, where its members lead a contemporary dance studio and Dance BG association for development in Bulgarian contemporary dance.
DUNE takes part in festivals of dance improvisation in Bulgaria and abroad. Its also organizing annual meetings and collaborations between Bulgarian and international artists.
The company members are recipients of international programs and specializations (UNESCO residencies for artists, Dance WEB, Movements on the edge).
Choreographer of DUNE is Petya Stoykova. She graduated from New Bulgarian University Sofia. Petya is a recipient of award of the spectators and prize of the jury from national competition for young choreographers Margarita Arnaudova, Sofia, Bulgaria (1999), choreography prize in national modern dance competition for young dancers, Bourgas, Bulgaria (2002, 2005).

DUNE presence in festivals: No Ta Fe, Estonia (2007); Interaction, Chisinau, Moldova (2006); DONUMENTA, Regensburg, Germany (2005); The Age of Aquarius Festival for Dance and Physical Theatre, Bourgas, Bulgaria (2004); Summer Jam Project Opening, Bourgas, Bulgaria (2004); COSMOS Festival, Athens, Greece (2003); First and Second International Laboratory and Festival of the Contemporary Choreography, Chisinau, Moldova (2001, 2002); First and Second Balkan Dance Platform, Sofia, Bulgaria and Bucharest, Romania (2001, 2003), and many more.


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