Goran Sergej Pristaš/BADco. Zagreb (Croatia)

Direction: Goran Sergej Pristaš
Choreographers and performers: Pravdan Devlahović, Darija Doždor, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Nikolina Pristaš, Goran Sergej Pristaš
Dramaturgy: Ivana Ivković
Music: Helge Hinteregger
Space: Marko Sančanin
Light-design: Miljenko Bengez
Costumes: Silvio Vujičić
Executive producer: Una Bauer
Software: Daniel Fischer's Warsaw Pakt

The duration of the play is 70 minutes.


Deleted Messages is a performance about the phenomena in collective movement. As with quarantine, the number of spectators allowed to enter varies according to the size of the room - one person per three square meters of floor space. The audience is invited to freely move through the performance space. The behaviour and self-organization of the audience is a component of performance strategy, thus making the performance space responsive. Epidemic intelligence comes into effect through the possibility of infectious behaviour. Sequences of cycles of individual extension time are used to measure stretches of time of different scales, each pertinent to a singular location, all a reference to quarantine. A strategy of marking of territory and delineating of hierarchical structures of performance through nonlinear dramaturgy and spam storytelling dismiss one possible narrative in favor of a complex system of singularities. The capability of generating emergent properties arises not so much from the in-built rules of individual behavior, as from the complexity of the performers’ interactions. The audience is invited to freely move through the performance space. Audience behavior is a component of performance strategy, thus making performance space responsive. Although each performer individually interprets interchangeable material parameters, pattern detection allows meta-information to circulate through the performance space. (Ivana Ivković)

BADco. is a Zagreb based performing group founded in 2000. The artistic work of BADco. is not so much determined by the choice of topics as by the production of problems through specific manners of cooperation and selforganization of authors in the process of creation. The authors see their performances as performing machines which can be included in different referential contexts such as social, political, intimate, dance and artistic in general. Instead of thematic naming which stands closer to the traditional ideas of theatre the group prefers thinking in terms of eventality. Some key words for our thematic interest are: vitalism, virus material, the collective, flesh vs. body, strategies of observing…

BADco. was founded in 2000 while some of the authors worked together on the project Confessions in Theatre &TD.
The group has performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Holland, Luxembourg, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, USA, Austria and Greece.

This project is supported by the City office for culture - City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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