multi-media performance art
Dobrica Kamperlić (Serbia)

Author: Dobrica Kamperlić
Associates: Rorica Kamperlić
Participants: Rorica and Dobrica-Dob Kamperlić


The aim of this performance is to present as unusual those trivial images of a heated debating competition among the current swots from these parts, with their recognisable gesticulation and, in this case, a demonstration of ‘art as objective self-enjoyment’ (Lips). Wearing masks and costumes unusual for them, accompanied by stimulating music by Anžej Dudek – Durer (the third reincarnation of Alfred Durer, as he sees himself) TRANSMUTATION II, the performance protagonists, through condensation of sound, movement, bodily actions and DVD projection of the footages from the battlefields/places of execution, well-known to the widest world public, finally fall victims to the chaos on the other side of the empirical world – with no sense or purpose whatsoever.       
As DEUS EX MACHINA, that is as a denouement, the performance offers no lovely revelations of a new way to overcome the crazy competition of eresticists in a situation of a bipolar World. On the contrary, the virtual scenes from the screens end up in flames, in total destruction.

Dobrica Kamperlić (1947), graduated from the Law School in Belgrade to spend almost all his working years in Nolit publishing house, until he retired in 2003.
Until the end of the 1970s, and starting from 1968, he was involved with satire, publishing his supplements mostly in the youth and students’ press.
From 1979, he started his collaboration with the international association for concrete and visual poetry WESTEAST, then he joined the mail-art network and, finally, he got involved with signalism. He has actualised fifteen solo exhibitions (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Gornji Milanovac, Bar, Priboj, Prijepolje, Tilburg/Holland, San Francisco/USA, Santo Claro/Brazil, Seoul/South Korea) and as many as 73 art performances, happenings, process demonstrations, lectures and interactive projects in Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland and the Republic of Srpska.
He has participated in the contemporary art reviews in Germany/Minden – the International Festival TIMES OF CHANGE, Decentralised Congress Network Era, Italy/50th Biennale in Venice 2003, etc./Belgium/18th International Festival of Independent Art/etc.       


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