Dalija Aćin, Belgrade (Serbia)

Concept, choreography and set: Dalija Aćin
Performed by: Ana Ignjatović, Dalija Aćin
Dramaturgy: Saša Božić
Music: Rastko Lazić

The duration of the play is 50 minutes.


unnamed, somebodies, somewhere, nobodies, mine, inexistent, unspoken, unmesured, invisible, foreign, vague, yours, abandoned, forgotten, disappeared, again


handle with great care, the new play authored by Dalija Aćin, deals with the phenomenon of memory – those images, things and notions which stay after us in a continual flow of reality – in an unusual, suggestive and imaginary way. In an unnamed, immeasurable, space of (re)constructed memories, imaginary scenes, (re)productions of the lost, bodies float between what is shown and the one that stays unsaid forever…
Using the models of emphasised theatricality, used for re-examination of the medium of play (acting), the performance aspires to discover the quality beyond phenomena and find an answer to the question: Can minimalisation of means take us much further, to the very edge of spectacle?

Dalija Aćin (1974) received classical ballet education in ballet school Lujo Davičo in Belgrade (Serbia). Dalija furthered her professional training with famous artists and ballet educators in our country (Ivanka Lukateli, Aleksandar Izrailovski) and abroad (France, USA, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain). As a dancer and a choreographer, she has participated in many shows (GAMEPLAY, There is no exception to the rule because I am never what I have, 2006), performed on a number of scenes in our country and at world festivals. Dalija has taken part in special international projects, where yoga and marshal art taichi techniques were used. She has been a co-founder and programme coordinator of STANICA, Service for contemporary dance (2006). She was the first appointed artistic director of the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures (2006). She has received a number of important awards and recognitions.  

The play realisation has been supported by the Belgrade Secretariat for Culture, Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Belgrade Drama Theatre. 


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