performance art
Ksenija Đorđević (Serbia)

Choreography: Ksenija Đorđević

Judith 1 – Ksenija Đorđević
Maids: Mina Đorđević, Ana Prošić
Holofernes: Jovan Ćirilov
Holofernes 1: Marko Milić
The people of Israel: art works
Assyrians: audience

Music: Shabu ‘Stimulus’ (3.02); Pj Harvey & Bjork ‘Satisfaction’ (3.49); Shabu ‘Light Sleeper’ (18:21); Celtic bagpipes ‘Amazing Grace’
Music backup: Milan Stanković – Sevdah Baby
Lights: Ksenija Đorđević
Set and costume designer: Ksenija Đorđević
Technical support: Peđa & Steva


 ‘If replicas do speak or if what has only just become materialised starts producing a meaning, the scenography of reason will be shaken by the crisis it has always been developed upon’.
Judith Butler

‘With this project I wanted to explore the phenomenon I noticed in my own midst, and in whose core there lies a need to model the entire process of creating an opinion or an attitude about a work of art after some already known attitude of those who are considered competent enough to state it, instead of finding a certain foundation to base it upon.
What is so alluring in such a system? How much pleasure can be gained from the very simple act of recognising?
What does it mean to be well-informed? To think well?
Why isn’t it possible to renounce a clearly established way of recognising things? Does everything become simpler if it is encoded? Words? Acts? Movement?’
(Ksenija Đorđević)

* * * *
8th Judith Beheads Holofernes (3 min.)
- J. approaches a mirror, puts on her gloves, takes the knife into her hands (first in her right and then the left hand) and a large key (cross) and starts towards Holofernes (justification of the Crusades);
- She comes into the area behind the curtain;

- While walking, she raises her hand holding the head and shows it to the Assyrians.
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