performance art
Nebojša Milikić, Belgrade (Serbia)


The performance deals with interpersonal relationships within a group of urban young people – our contemporaries who, during an unusual process initiated by one of the group members – giving away garments to the friends – discover certain political and ideological preferences of each other. By drawing attention of those who receive presents to their desirable or undesirable streaks of personality, the present-giver simultaneously outlines his own self-portrait – by criticising the very sides of his own personality that he can most easily identify in his friends.
The reasons and outcomes of this indirectly performed exchange of thoughts are presented in the form of a monodrama, by playing a seemingly neutral and informative lecture on the initiator, his friends and the items given as presents, in which the participants later pose before cameras. The audience can assume and guess the emotional and existential aspects of the interpersonal relationships, established after the recent redistribution of the resources of our society. 

Nebojša Milikić (1964) graduated and received his Master’s Degree from the Mining and Geology Faculty in Belgrade. He has taken the courses ‘Policies of Exhibiting Art’ and ‘An Introduction into the Theory of Picture’ at the School for Picture History and Theory of the Contemporary Art Centre in Belgrade. Since 1991 he has been involved with performance art, social activism and art production. He has taken part in over 30 independent and group exhibitions. Since 2001 he has been working as the editor of the activities at the Rex Cultural Centre, and since 2004, as a coordinator of the Resource Centre Belgrade (
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