Puppet Theatre ‘Pinokio’ (Serbia)

Directed by Bojan Barić
Puppets created and made by Jari-Jussi Voijola, Riiko Vormala
Animators: Ljiljana Živić, Željka Mandić, Borko Sarić, Jovan Popović, Goran Popović

Puppet of 5 m hight and 300 kg weight, with live music
(brass ensemble and two percussionists)

Performed in open air with use of pyrotechnics


Man has always aimed to create something big, grandiose, using imagination and skills to go beyond all the borders. In this story, group of enthusiasts builds a giant figure of metal and gives it a soul. When Max is born, he acts like a newborn child, discovers himself, his conscience and the world around him. He is so vivid that his creators have problems to restrain him, and when they try to, they find out that not only that Max has a soul, but he has feelings too. And as a machine, he can't cope with those feelings so a short circuit happens. He goes on fire and dies in flame. His soul flies into the sky (helium filled balloon) followed by spotlights until lost on the horizon...
The performance was realized in coproduction with Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), opened the BITEF Festival 2004, opened the Festival Budva City Theatre, The International Festival of Children's Theatres Subotica, The International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Golden Dolphin“ Varna, closed the International Festival of Puppet Performances for Adults “Pierro“ in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, opened the International Children's Festival in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Puppet Fair in Sofia, Bulgaria, participated at the International Festival in Banja Luka, and has been performed in many cities in Serbia.

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