Péter Gemza – Szilárd Mezei Duo (Serbia/Hungary)

Péter Gemza (dance)
Szilárd Mezei (viola, percussion instruments, kaval)

The duration of the play is 50 minutes.


“Now a thing was ‘secretly brought to me, and mine ear received’ a little thereof.”
(Job 4:12)

“The collaboration of the dancer and the musician is not a new thing. Before long, there will have been ten years that once in a while they perform together on the occasion of an improvisational evening. In their works, the accustomed improvisational element is decisive. Separately, each of them works in the field of improvisation, but when working together, the encounter of motion and music stimulates them further to find that common root, where motion and music have not been separated yet. Péter Gemza approaches this in the way similar to the one he has in working with Józef Nadj, while Szilárd Mezei aspires to achieve something similar on the stage, not only through his own orchestra but also through his music, composed so far. Together they make a joint effort to find the way back - in seven scenes (seven steps) - to that point, where the root of motion and music is the same.” (Tibor Várszegi)

Péter Gemza (Budapest, 1970), after completing three-year-long graduate studies of Pedagogy in Dramatic Arts and Theatre Basis in class of Professor Tibor Várszegi at the Pedagogical College in Budapest, he continued to work with an independent theatrical troupe. Their plays were performed in several European countries. After meeting Józef Nadj, he joined his theatrical troupe (1993). Gemza received his formal education for a theatre dance teacher in France, and today he teaches contemporary dance to children as well as professional performers of all ages.

Szilárd Mezei (Senta, 1974), studied Composition at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade in class of Professor Zoran Erić. As a performer-violinist, violin and double bass player in different ensembles (ranging from duo to nonet) and as a music author he performs on different music stages in our country and abroad.
Szilárd Mezei’s ensembles (the Szilárd Mezei Trio, Szilárd Mezei Quintet and Szilárd Mezei Orchestra) play contemporary improvised music, primarily his original compositions. As a composer, he is especially interested in exploring the relationship between improvisation and composition, jazz and traditional folk music.
As a performer, he has taken part in numerous workshops for improvised and intuitive music. Mezei has performed with many renowned names such as Matthias Schubert, Tamás Gerölz, Michael Hornstein, Tim Hodgkinson.

His articles on music have been published in music magazines in Serbia and Hungary.      
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