digital prints and video
Andrej Tišma, Novi Sad (Serbia)


Sometimes it seems that Serbian culture, one of the powerful European cultures which flourished from the Middle Ages, came under so powerful pressure and suffered such a destruction during 20th century, that it is in danger of becoming a mere entertainment for tourist in the near future, similar to the culture of Native Americans. Its destiny might soon be reduced to dancing and singing around the fire for tips from tourists.  
Different international humanitarians, peace keepers and creators of stability have contributed a lot to this destruction, in their famous polite and civilised manner. Digital prints and video by Andrej Tišma entitled ‘Civilised Beheading’ are dedicated to this situation.

Andrej Tišma was born in 1952 in Novi Sad. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Praque (The Czech Republic), in 1976. He has had a number of independent exhibitions since 1972. He has participated in over 500 group exhibitions in around 40 countries around the world. His fields of work include photography, performance, video, computer graphics and Internet art. Since the mid 70s he has been studying the theory of new media, and is the author of the book Other T(heor)ritories (1992) on this subject. He has prepared a number of international anthologies on mail-art and telefax art.
His works from the field of are a part of some important world collections such as: Net Art Guide, Stuttgart (Germany); Net Art Idea Line, The Whitney Museum, New York (USA); Rhizome Artbase, New York (USA).
He has participated at the festival Ars Electronica, Lintz (Austria) and other leading international projects.

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