performance art

Author: Kino-Group, Serbia
Nađa Jovanović, painter
Nemanja Nikolić, dramaturge,
Milica Vukelić, sociologist,
Ivana Koraksić, director,
Marija Šujica, visual artist,
Bojan Milosavljavić, director
Miona Petrović, dancer

Supervisor: Frits Vogels, MAPA lecturer
Music: Simeon Ten Holt
Associate for ambience sound: Vladimir Jovanović

The ambient physical performance KINOLIT (Constellations) is based on the topic of stars, which is linked to the toponym of where it is happening – the Municipality of Zvezdara (Serbian: zvezda=star), more precisely the roof of the ‘Vuk Karadžić’ Cultural Institute. The context of the performance is astronomical, astrological and eschatological. In this materialistic, nihilistic era it is important to be reminded of the basic metaphysical position of man in the cosmos, determined by the Earth and the Skies. It is a story about transience and eternity, about the light and darkness, the large and the small, about the unreachable distances, about secrets never discovered...  

Kino-Group is an artistic group involved in exploring the possibilities of interdisciplinary art presented in an ambiance performance. The emphasis is placed on the non-verbal physical expression. The Group has been supported by MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts) in Amsterdam, Holland. The majority of the group members are included in the professional advancement programme in the field of contemporary performing arts of the MAPA Academy. The members are award-winning independent young artists with a perennial experience. 

Kino-Group has had their first ambience multimedia performance entitled ‘A Subzero Situation’ at the construction site of the ‘Vuk Karadžić’ Cultural Institute in March 2009.