Moving Academy for Performing Arts
MAPA Serbia

2007 - 2010

The Moving Academy for Performing Arts – MAPA – Amsterdam, Holland

The project is aimed at professional advancement in the field of contemporary performing arts and it consists of a series of longer workshops (one to three weeks) from different areas of contemporary theatre – ranging from training to leading a group, stage lights, technical equipment and working on a play. Moving Academy is intended for theatre artists active in contemporary theatre and those who want to widen their knowledge in all segments of the creation, production and management of performances. All workshops include working on body and concrete physical techniques. 

Laboratory Project

Novi Sad, 15th – 3rd July 2009

This is a presentation of the results achieved in the workshop – Laboratory Project Procession of Icons. The workshop - intended for theatrical creators: actors, directors, choreographers, producers, theatre technicians and set designers who are interested in stage set-up – focused on working with projected images, through personally made photographs, painted slides to other kinds of material. The participants had an opportunity to gain new knowledge about screens, front and back projection, lenses and optics, projectors, and, most importantly to learn how to transform an artistic vision into a well-organised projection and performance scenario.

The project has been supported by the MATRA Programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.