discussion and video projection

One of the plays done as among the productions for INFANT 99 was named Documents of the Time. This programme was conceptualised and named as a theatrical document about the time when this theatrical event could not be realised regularly as an international festival, but we had to find a way to keep it going and preserve its full significance. The only way, at the time when bombs and aeroplanes were reminding us that we are only mortals, was to find a deep and adequate answer to such challenges. The most adequate, but also most deeply humane answer to that and such time was a creative approach, which, especially in the theatrical world can be remarkably challenging and healing. And really, the idea to make a production festival not only took roots as a possibility of healing, i.e. survival in the impossible times, but also as a challenge to create works with a deeper meaning. That is how, to general surprise, several remarkably successful productions were made, whose quality was reaffirmed outside the Festival, at other festivals in Serbia: Belef, Bitef, Bar Ljetopis (Montenegro) as well as European and American festivals. This programme is a modest reminder of our only possible and meaningful response to that time, and it is also dedicated to a memory of all the participants in the performances at this unique festival edition, when the plays were performed on the destroyed bridges, in schools, museums, remote places… And finally to remind us of the performances which were born in the places where bombs could not reach: Ivana Vujić: My Mother’s Room; The Dah Theatre: The Documents of the Time; The Blue Theatre: That Was a Soul, Miraculous Mine; The Drama Workshop of KUD ‘Sonja Marinković’: Story for Primers; Boris Čakširan, Vedran Vučić: Under the Skies.