Vienna, Austria

Jürgen Berlakovich
Nikolaus Gansterer
Susanna Gartmayer
Barbara Kaiser
Matthias Meinharter
Ernst Reitermaier
Richard Repey
Ulrich Troyer
Tamara Wilhelm
Kassian Troyer
Credits: Luka Klein


The “Vienna Vegetable Orchestra” was founded in February 1998 and has played more than 200 concerts throughout Europe at various venues (concert halls, theatres, greenhouses, mountain huts, clubs, ships, festivals for classical, electronic, improvised and world music).

This orchestra plays music exclusively on vegetable instruments: carrots and cucumbers instead of flutes and trumpets. Or, with their program automate, a cuke-o-phon and radish-marimba instead of laptop and sampler.

This music presents a transfer of electronic music pieces and structures to the instruments of the vegetable garden. The work on the organic sound bodies and refinement of the playing and recording techniques have made audible a new vegetable sound universe which is influenced by the most diverse contemporary electronic music styles.

An amazing affinity of the organic and digital world becomes clear on the one hand whereas on the other, an unmistakably unique sound is created, which could not have been created with any other group of instruments.

After the concert the cook of the ensemble serves a delicious vegetable soup which enables the audience to enjoy the music with yet another sense.


… really interesting experimental music.
New York Times

… sounds delicious. 
Washington Post


… very tasty!
Evening Standard

… sounds endearingly whacky. 
The Guardian