The Efrat Stempler Company, Berlin, Germany

Concept, realisation and production: Efrat Stempler
Performers: Miona Petrović, Brit Rodemund, Alexander Sieber, Anat Vaadia, Nicky Vanoppen
Choreography: Efrat Stempler
Music composed and performed by: Phillip Danzeisen
Dramaturgy: Wojtek Klemm
Video: Konstantin Hapke
Collaboration: Martin Stiefermann

The show lasts 60 minutes.

A test arrangement on the subject of a terrorist attack. Six people are locked into a room. Each has a certain function and all constitute a strange constellation with a common denominator - somewhere is a ticking bomb. The countdown is on.
Where does the attack originate? From the sky? The underground? Are there explosives? Is it somebody here in the room? Where is the bomb? Who is it? Who can finally stop it? Who gets who, who is guilty, and who started it? Intimacy in an extreme situation; solidarity in a strange constellation. Suspicion. Confusion. A marathon for life. The group tries to survive.
In a time where bombs can walk, or rather are human bodies, mutual perceptions shift. The hermetic room becomes the metaphor for a whole reality that is constantly on the verge. The survivor instinct initiates and manipulates the relationships in it. The rhythm doubles and the decisions become spontaneous, fast, and loud. Life under constant threat turns into an absurd term. The power on the one hand, and the humour on the other merge into an amorphous figure. Cynicism is the consequence. Or?
The search for the needle in the haystack - for the answer / the explanation / the meaning in the madness of war and the terrorist threat.

Efrat Stempler grew up in Tel Aviv and has been living and working in Europe since 2001. Since 2004 she is situated in Berlin.
She completed her education as a dancer between 1992-1995 at the “Telma Yalin” Art Academy and passed with distinction. In 2001 Efrat Stempler graduated from the Tel Aviv University with a degree in stage direction.
In 1995 she danced for the Bat-Sheva Dance Company in Israel, and afterwards worked with a variety of choreographers and ensembles such as the Barak Marshall Dance Company. After a stay in Amsterdam Efrat Stempler joined the dance company MS Schrittmacher by Martin Stiefermann in Oldenburg. There she worked on diverse choreographies (Das Lewskow-Manuskript, Ein Sportstück, Memotrip) as a dancer and Stiefermann’s artistic contributor.
After Stiefermann’s return to Berlin, she worked with him again and took on the job as dramaturge in his 2007 production “Begeben Sie sich”, the third part of Stiefermann’s dance audio-play trilogy.
Since 2004 Efrat Stempler works as a choreographer and dramaturge in Germany and Poland.

… Strong International Dance-Coproduction about terror in the heads:
Do you know this? Sometimes the paranoia is just there. In the tramway, there is a man seated before you, who clenches his briefcase nervously. Tel Aviv – Bagdad – Madrid shoot through your head. Leipzig? Idiotic. And then you still get off at the next stop, because your heart is racing, because suspicion has taken over. …
Efrat Stempler succeeds in the universalization of her personal questions by confronting the war situation with basic human emotions. All this is choreographed very fast and intense. Brit Rodemund, Alexander Sieber, Anat Vaadia and Nicky Vanoppen dance so unpathetically and forcefully, sound and light support the paranoia and bring it to compulsion that one wants to stop and get off the ride. Long, enthusiastic applause. Watch it and stand it.
Stefanie Möller, Leipziger Volkszeitung, 19th April, 2008
(English translation by Juliane Weddigen)