The Mirage Ensemble, Belgrade, Serbia

Performers: Vera Jovanović, Ana Humljan Colić, Tanja Stikić, Anđelka Vujinović
Playscript and direction: Anđelka Vujinović
Music supervisor: Nenad Marić
Costumes: The Mirage Ensemble
Lights design, photography: Stevan Vidić, Jelena Vesić
Inspired by S. Beckett “Waiting for Godot”,  М. Forman “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, P.P. Pasolini “Theorem”, Specchi e memorie “Irrelevances”
Text: V. Jerotić “Man and His Identity”, H. Jubran “The Prophet”, G.I. Gurdjieff “All and Everything”, E. Fromm “The Art of Loving”, Nenad Vukosavljević – from the film “Traces”, C.G. Jung, R. Tagore, J. Lacan, J. Nemeth, Kole – The Master of Time, as well as personal texts by actresses 
Production: The Mirage Ensemble

The show lasts 75 minutes.

Nothing Project is a performance fragmentised in its totality. It is a performance about love. And about revolution. And about loneliness. And about inability to love. And about waiting for something to finally happen. It is a picture of our society, as we live it. 
Thinking about the performance and experiencing problems in selecting, following and finding a clear focus of it, we have come to see how strong an influence the sleeping society has had on us, its individual members. We started from our own selves, as young people in a society in transition and in a time characterised by disturbed systems of values, where what transformation is and where it is leading us is an unknown territory.
Anđelka Vujinović



Power, pretentiousness and boldness we felt at the beginning, gradually decreased, reciprocal to the passage of time and work, reciprocal to the increase of the feeling of our own helplessness before the intoxicating numbness spreading everywhere and catching ‘even’ our circle. We felt the stench of hypocrisy and made a decision to give up the ambition of teaching and preaching, the need to criticise, unless the criticism penetrates deep into our own flesh. We simply want to observe. Openly, as much as possible. We want to relive, time and time again, the experience born from observing: of us on the planet of Earth, of us in Europe, of us in the state of Serbia, of us who founded the Mirage Ensemble, of us in our families, of us with our loves, of us in our rooms confronted with ourselves. And to live this experience. That’s the beginning.


The Mirage Ensemble is an independent artistic group formed in January 2005 in Belgrade with the aim of exploring and creating artworks in the field of theatre and film, dealing with the topic of emancipation, as well as anthropological and social limitations which hinder this process. The other aim is a study of the language of theatre and film, as a necessary precondition of communication on a higher quality level.
The Mirage group consists of four young female artists: director and actress Anđelka Vujinović, and actresses Vera Jovanović, Tanja Stikić and Ana Humljan Colić.