Mimart Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia

Conceptualised and directed by Nela Antonović
Dramaturgy: Dragan Grbić
Music authored by: Predrag Radovančević
Costumes and masks: Anđelija Marković
Set: Nikola Nikolić
Video art and video transmission: Lidija Antonović ANT
Performers: Ana Bastać, Dubravka Subotić, Predrag Radovančević, Ivan Milenković – Macaco, Marina Bukvički and Lidija Antonović (video/dvd live)
Production: MIMART and the BITEF Theatre

The show lasts 45 minutes.

The production OCTAGON 25 is dedicated to all those who are engaged in visionary-utopian work: artists, explorers of theatre and the Universe. The pseudoscientific journey on which a group of nameless artists set off to explore the identity emerging within an artist’s work is like a computer game. The transition into a new dimension, a new space is like a higher level of the game, where one must overcome obstacles, just like in every person’s life. In the creative process, an artist goes through a laboratory, by working on himself within his own individual mythology; through struggles and sacrifices, sometimes even wars; s/he is subjected to hundreds of influences and surgically patched, only to be doomed. On this journey, the artist re-examines him/herself: explores, criticises and provokes spectators by putting them in the position of “a computer gamer”.

One must respect one’s own body!
One must know their body well to be able to work on it!
One is not to spare their body but to master it!
Body must exercise to be able to meet the demands of the sprit!
Exercise brings comprehension of one’s own body – an experience of the corporal!

Theatre MIMART is first independent, non-profit theatre in Serbia, founded in Belgrade in 1984. Since foundation, Nela Antonović along with assembled artists from various fields, is exploring the creativity in freedom of movement, as well as nonverbal communication, which overpasses all boundaries: lingual, political, cultural, religious, geographical. She is an author of 40 original projects and around 300 experimental short performances, choreographies and projects of street theater till 2007.

Concept of Theatre MIMART is an open process which creates body declarative art using interactive contemporary arts and interdisciplinary researching way, expanding the borders of theatre. Phenomena are intuitively explored through laboratorium, because one can only enter the phenomenon using his body. Research using autodramaturgy of body brings out new theatre aesthetics of signalism with risk. Theatre MIMART creates new way of communication forming its own vocabulary where symbols are universal language. On the other hand, ritual structure makes possible for idea to transcendent.

MIMART took part in many European theatre festivals: Prague, Moscow, Sarajevo, Gelsenkirchen, Rostov, Antwerp, Sochi, Podgorica, Lviv,  Kiev, Oslo, Naples, Zagreb and others, as well as in world-leading video festivals of interactive arts.
Having long-term experience of research work in theatre, Nela Antonović has also published two books “Mimart godovi” (2000) and “Phenomenology through movement” (2004).

… According as astronomers seek for new planets and life on them with aspiration, the theatre MIMART is also look for new communications code at theatre. At reality is small possibility that something will occur for first time on stage like: new technique of dance, some technique properties, special acting, innovation into any of segment in theatre expression. Searchers for new planets, viewfinders for historical treasure, searchers for new in theatre, all of them have hope that something will find, that something really will happen. Research for new communication art code, we are creating authentic vocabulary of dance. Communication is not unreal tendency, yet simple necessary in art.
Mimart, Belgrade