Amok Teatro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Text build by Ana Teixeira from the writings of Antonin Artaud
Direction: Ana Teixeira
Cast: Stéphane Brodt
Lighting: Wilson Reiz / Stéphane Brodt
Music: Charles Ives, D. Shostakovich

The show lasts 75 minutes.

“Letters from Rodez” is a selection of letters from the actor, poet and playwright Antonin Artaud to his French psychiatrist, Dr. Ferdière during the period that he was hospitalized as insane in the asylum of Rodez, from 1943 to 1946. The letters are a desperate dialogue of Artaud with his doctor and, through him, with the whole society.

Directed by Ana Teixeira and Stéphane Brodt, the Amok Teatro is characterized by a dedication to a continuous researching process of the actor’s art and the possibilities for staging. Since its creation in 1998 the group has received for its productions a great recognition from the critics and the audience.
The work of the Amok puts the actor and the physical language at the center of the theatrical act. The group seeks a formal rigor and intensity that the body of the actor says as the place where the drama happens.
In their productions, the Amok Teatro approach contemporary subjects, without losing sight of the construction of a theater shape and poetry. The performance is for the group, a open field to experimentation, to search for scenic language, to developing the actor's techniques and to dialogue with the fundamental questions of our time.
The group research and develop techniques and methods of work that are inseparable from the actor’s training. The company also stood out by developing a intense pedagogical activity. The training assures the evolution of the group and preparing the challenge of each new project. A theatre company is a collective project where the practice is seen as a continuous activity that requires the player a permanent state of research, training and reflection.
In 2003, Amok Teatro opened its headquarters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. In this place, the relationship between creation and training is emphasized. Besides hosting the rehearsals, training and advanced courses for actors, directors led by Ana Teixeira and Stéphane Brodt, the house maintains a schedule of quality, sheltering internationally recognized artists and professionals, whether for courses, meetings and work exchanges. The Amok’s House is today, a research laboratory stage, where training, development and reflection are inseparable.

This performance has been supported by the Embassy of Brazil in Belgrade.